Le Rub Everyday Sunscreen
Le Rub Sunscreen
Le Rub Mineral Sunscreen SPF30
Le Rub Mineral Sunscreen
Le Rub Sunscreen
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High Protection for Face


Meet the next generation of invisible mineral sun protection. Keep your skin beautifully protected and hydrated all year round, with nourishing natural antioxidants and a silky smooth formula that slips seamlessly into your daily wear. Sustainably made in Italy with grape ferment extract to stimulate natural Vitamin D production, plus hyaluronic acid and sweet almond oil for deep hydration.

50ML – 1.7FL OZ

No white cast
Natural ingredients
Reef friendly
Non-nano zinc oxide
Protects against blue light
Suitable for sensitive skin
Dermatologically tested
For all skin types and tones
Suitable for kids
How to use

Apply a generous amount evenly as the last step in your daily routine (and before makeup, if you wear it!). Starts working straight away. For maximum protection, reapply every 2 hours.

What makes it special

The perfect partner for any day of the year, our Everyday Face Sunscreen protects against sun damage while nourishing your skin with natural health-boosting ingredients.

Marrying broad-spectrum protection with a gorgeously smooth texture that’s a wonder to wear day after day, it provides UVA, UVB and blue light deflection that’s reef-friendly, non-greasy and with zero sticky white cast.

The mineral formula features beauty-industry fave hyaluronic acid alongside antioxidant- and Vitamin D-rich ingredients like grapes and almond oil. And, thanks to a lightweight finish, it makes an excellent base layer for make-up (if you wear it). Throw in a skin-friendly formula that’s gentle even on acne-prone or sensitive skin, and you’ve got yourself the only daily sunscreen you’ll ever need.

Made in Italy with locally sourced Mediterranean ingredients.

Questions & Suggestions

Got a query or a bright idea about our Everyday Sunscreen? Check out our FAQ for quick answers, or feel free to drop your thoughts in the contact form below. We're here to help and will respond swiftly!


Sustainable Materials

Our beautifully designed packaging uses sustainable materials, including the first aluminium tubes made from post-consumer recycled aluminium — 95% post-consumer and 5% post-industrial. By reducing CO2 emissions by up to 70%, a significantly smaller carbon footprint than classic aluminium tubes.



Vibrant Orange Blossom Absolut brings fresh and floral green notes. Take a breath and step into summertime.

Hero Ingredients

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide

The superstar ingredient of our mineral sunscreens, this natural, broad-spectrum filter guards your skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays.


Superhero skin savior, able to soften skin and help it attract and retain moisture, increasing hydration and leaving skin dewy, plump and protected.

Grape Ferment Extract

The grape that keeps on giving, and this time it’s vitamin D. Saccharomyces/grape ferment is a plant-based active that stimulates the body’s natural vitamin D receptors (VDR) and production of the active form of vitamin D.

Hyaluronic Acid

A long, cool drink of water for your skin. Holds onto H20 molecules to keep your skin gorgeously plump and hydrated, smoothing out fine lines as it goes.

Almond Oil

Natural antioxidant, rich in Vitamins E, A, C and D. Protects from UV rays and other environmental stressors that cause premature aging and promotes wound healing.
Pairs well with SUNSET SERUM

Layer under Everyday Sunscreen to replace your daily moisturizer. The Sunset Serum not only adds an extra level of deep hydration—it also ups the SPF.

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30ML – 1.01FL OZ

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