Le Rub Sunset Serum
Le Rub Sunset Serum
Le Rub Sunset Serum
Le Rub Sunset Serum
Le Rub Sunset Serum
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Show your skin you love it with an indulgent application of our total restoration serum. Made with natural, glow-boosting ingredients to cool, hydrate, and repair sun damage, all year round.

30ML – 1.01FL OZ

Natural ingredients
Moisturizing booster
Suitable for sensitive skin
Dermatologically tested
For all skin types and tones
How to use

Apply a few drops evenly across your face, after cleansing and before applying a day or night cream. No sunscreen can prevent sun damage entirely. That’s why we recommend using Sunset Serum after every day outdoors, even if you don’t feel burnt.

What makes it special

Seasoned summer-lovers know the sun can damage your skin, even if don’t get burnt. That’s why after a long day outdoors, there’s nothing better than our gorgeous-feeling After Sun Serum.

The perfect relief for tight or dry skin, it’s been carefully made to calm, restore and boost your skin’s natural defenses, with hydrating ingredients drawn from native Italian flora. At its heart is a restorative plant-based complex of Sicilian prickly pears, myrtle, lentisk, cucumber and apricot extract, as well as lycopene extracted from Italian tomato skin.

These time-tested ingredients are packed with natural antioxidants, which protect against free radicals and oxidative damage from environmental stressors, like UV rays and pollution. Even better, they’re also natural anti-inflammatories, which help soothe your skin, reduce redness, and kick-start the healing process. There’s no better way to restore your skin to its very best, pronto.

Made in Italy with locally sourced Mediterranean ingredients.



Questions & Suggestions

Got a query or a bright idea about our Sunset Serum? Check out our FAQ for quick answers, or feel free to drop your thoughts in the contact form below. We're here to help and will respond swiftly!


Sustainable Materials

Our beautifully designed packaging uses sustainable materials, including glass bottles from Italy with droppers that are 100% recyclable, and boxes made in France from FSC Certified Papers, all of which can themselves be 100% recycled.

Hero Ingredients

Italian Tomato Skin

This natural ingredient protects against UV damage and free radicals, which can linger on the skin long after you’re out of the sun.

Opuntia Ficus-Indica Stem Extract

Derived from the leaves of Sicilian prickly pears and known to reduce inflammation and promote recovery and repair.

Myrtus Communis and Pistacia Lentiscus leaf extracts

Sourced from the leaves of Sicilian myrtle and lentisk. Enhances skin defense and increases its antioxidant capacity.

Apricot Juice

Natural antioxidant, rich in nourishing phenol compounds and Vitamin C.

Acerola Cherry Ferment

A potent source of revitalizing antioxidants. The fermentation process increases the availability of this superfruit’s natural compounds to promote nourished, hydrated skin.

Cucumber extract

Pure botanical anti-inflammatory, to soothe and cool sunburnt skin.

LE RUB Everyday Sunscreen for ultimate protection. Or layer, with LE RUB Repairing Face Mask for top-tier hydration. Layering these two powerful products together effectively diminishes sun damage, revealing a beautiful, glowing complexion.

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50ML – 1.7FL OZ

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