The Weekender

Essentials for a brief sunful escape

The Weekender


All-Day Sunscreen + Repairing Body Lotion

Last-minute invitation somewhere hot and sunny? Throw these two in your bag and you’re good to go. Protect and hydrate, cool and replenish with LE RUB All-Day Sunscreen and Repairing Body Lotion: the perfect pairing of two of our very best sellers.


Sustainable Materials

Our beautifully designed packaging uses sustainable materials, including the first aluminium tubes made from post-consumer recycled aluminium — 95% post-consumer and 5% post-industrial. By reducing CO2 emissions by up to 70%, a significantly smaller carbon footprint than classic aluminium tubes.

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our lineup of dreamy SPF formulas and after sun products, created by a squad of summer-lovin’ skincare specialists.

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