The Rejuvenators

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The Rejuvenators


Repairing Body Lotion + Sunset Serum + Repairing Face Mask

Your ultimate skincare sanctuary, delivering total restoration and renewal with LE RUB Repairing Body Lotion, Sunset Serum and Repairing Face Mask. Unwind and revitalise tired skin with three of our most soothing and indulgent formulas, for a radiant and healthy look.

How to use

Repairing Body Lotion:
Apply a generous amount evenly after sun exposure. Or, use in the morning to keep skin nourished and hydrated all day long. And remember: After Sun is for so much more than just burns. Use daily to keep skin soft, smooth, and supple — and keep your glow going longer.

Sunset Serum:
Apply a few drops evenly across your face, after cleansing and before applying a day or night cream. No sunscreen can prevent sun damage entirely. That’s why we recommend using Sunset Serum after every day outdoors, even if you don’t feel burnt.

Repairing Face Mask:
Apply a generous amount to your face and neck. If the product is fully absorbed after 5 minutes, apply another layer for maximum hydration. Wash off after 15 minutes or leave on overnight and wake up to super-hydrated skin. The choice is yours.

Thank Me Later, Skin.