The Morning Glow-Getter


The Morning Glow-Getter


Everyday Sunscreen + Sunset Serum

Upgrade your protection with extra hydration with a super-moisturising combo of LE RUB Everyday Sunscreen and Sunset Serum. It’s your secret to not just getting the glow, but keeping it too.

How to use

Everyday Sunscreen:
Apply a generous amount evenly as the last step in your daily routine (and before makeup, if you wear it!). Starts working straight away. For maximum protection, reapply every 2 hours.

Sunset Serum:
Apply a few drops evenly across your face, after cleansing and before applying a day or night cream. No sunscreen can prevent sun damage entirely. That’s why we recommend using Sunset Serum after every day outdoors, even if you don’t feel burnt.

Thank Me Later, Skin.