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Le Rub Repairing Lotion Aluminium Packaging

Why We Use Aluminium Packaging

When it comes to squeezable, sustainable packaging that’s good for every last drop, aluminum tubes are our biggest crush. There’s a certain allure to aluminium, and when first discovered in the 19th century, it was so unique that it cost more than silver and gold.

Now it’s most abundant metal on earth, and one of the most sustainable steps a brand can make for packaging. For Le Rub, it was the obvious, mindful and modern choice. Just as we use non-nano zinc oxide – the safest sunscreen ingredient available for your health and planet – our tubes are made from 100% recycled aluminium. It’s imperative to us that what we use to package our products, is as safe for you and the environment as the ingredients we use inside. 

How Is Recycled Aluminium Sustainable?

It’s a never-ending thing. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable which means it is a circular material. Plus, the process to recycle aluminum also requires much less energy than producing primary aluminium. That means less mining pollution and less shipping pollution! This in turn reduces CO2 emissions, and Le Rub’s carbon footprint. Please remember to recycle your empty tubes!

 Why Do We Love Aluminium Packaging? 

Let us count the ways …

1: Enduring love

    Aluminium has a higher recycling rate than materials such as plastic, and still never loses its quality. 

    2: Preservation properties. 

      Aluminium tube packaging is extremely airtight and tough, which creates an impermeable barrier between external factors and our formulas. This is imperative for protecting sensitive products, such as SPF, from light, moisture and oxygen. 

      3: Results under pressure.

      The pressure seal aspect of our aluminium tubes is very important for product preservation. By ensuring that the tube doesn’t such air back in when product is dispensed, aluminium tubes prevent bacteria from coming into contact with our products.

      4: Sustainable for shipping.

        Although robust, aluminium tube packaging is still pretty lightweight. The tube shape also helps to boost space efficiency, which means we can allow more products to be shipped in the same amount of space.

        5: Rolling, rolling.

        By folding the aluminium tubes up you can easily access every last drop of your favourite Le Rub product. Go on, you deserve it.

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