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Meet The Founders

Meet The Founders

Hello Sunshine, we’re so glad you’re here.

We wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves personally, so you know who’s behind Le Rub. We’re Kim and Raf Maes, a brother and sister born in (not so) sunny Belgium.

As a professional snowboarder turned brand builder and photographer, Raf finds his balance between living moments and capturing them. He has a unique ability to treasure the present while always keeping an eye on the horizon.

As a former make-up artist, founder of Blos and head of R&D, Kim combines scientific and industry expertise with a deeply optimistic curiosity. She values authenticity and craftsmanship, and infuses both consciously in her day to day.

All our best memories are sun related. From sunrise on the slopes to sunset on the shores, we’ve been lucky to not just savour, but share many solar moments. So we decided to put our time and expertise to protect what we cherish. And that’s why we founded Le Rub. Le Rub is our ode to that big yellow ball in the sky, our promise to take care of our skin while we bask in the warmth of its rays. So we worked hard to find the best of nature’s ingredients, harnessing them through science, to produce skin nourishing, reef friendly formulas. Making our mineral sunscreen responsibly, using ingredients locally sourced in the Mediterranean was just the start.


We’ve poured our hearts, brains and everything in between into making Le Rub the best it can be. We tried and tested consistently until we found what you squeeze out of our colourful tubes today. From packaging materials to sourcing ingredients, we were set to do this well, and do it right, without compromising on quality or experience.


We’re glad we did, because today we’re proud to tell our story and to always challenge ourselves to do better as we grow. And since we’re optimists, we set out on a journey to make better (sun)care.

We believe sun care = skin care = self care.

Raf’s aesthetic eye captures beauty, while Kim’s industry expertise nurtures it. Together, we’ve built a brand that resembles us, one of healthy quality suncare that we grow with our sun loving, skin glowing community. Here’s to better (sun)care and to all the sunny memories we’ll get to make together.

With love,

Kim and Raf

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